99er Letters To Bernie

Friday, December 17, 2010

99er Letters to Bernie: UPDATE: Letters to Rep Peter Welch

 UPDATE: Thursday, Dec. 16:   
The Letters to Bernie Campaign is growing! 
Congressman Peter Welch wants to hear from 99ers.  
It's not too late - 99ers are still suffering and the Congressman wants your stories ASAP. Please send your story to: DearPeterWelch@gmail.com.  
Alexandra will print each one out and take it to the Congressman's office.  Use the power of 99er numbers to send your stories all to one place, printed out and piled together.  Send your story NOW to DearPeterWelch@gmail.com.  
Watch the CNN coverage of this story here.
 Thank you.

Updated: Sunday, Dec. 12: 
 Please keep sending your letters in!  
Each one will be printed out 
and delivered to the Senator's office. 
Help Senator Sanders Help 99ers.  
Send your 99er story NOW
Watch the CNN story here..

Please, DO IT NOW.

Senator Bernie Sanders (Indp.VT), is one of the few who have consistently stood up for 99ers, the unemployed and regular Americans against the corporations, big banks and stone-walling politicians.  Help Senator Sanders Help 99ers.  Send in your 99er story and why we need a Tier V or more weeks included in the UI legislation currently being negotiated on Capital Hill.  Even if you are not a 99er, but know and care for someone who is, we want to hear from you.  Many Senators and Representatives are very angry that a deal has been made to extend tax cuts for the rich, while current and future 99ers are being thrown under the bus.  Give them the back up they need to fight for us.  Email your story to: DearBernieSanders@gmail.com .

Many, many 99ers, unemployed still receiving UI and our supporters spent the last year, and longer, faxing and emailing letters to our elected representatives.  NOW is an opportunity to put all  our letters together as one STRONG statement that Senator Sanders and all the other Senators that support us can use to show that we are suffering and MUST be included.  If you have one of your letters still on your computer, you are only a few clicks away from doing your part.  Send it to DearBernieSanders@gmail.com.

99er Alexandra J. will print them out and take the letters to the Senator's office, with whom she is working.  CNN went to Vermont to cover Alex reading a few of the letters and taking the stack of printed letters to his office.  The Senator is, of course, in DC, but he is aware and very supportive of this campaign.  DO NOT DELAY!  We are off to a GREAT start, but we need many more personal stories  if our plight is to be heard. There IS HOPE.  Please do your part for yourself and all 99ers: DearBernieSanders@gmail.com.  Thank you.