Flashmobs4jobs is a group dedicated to political action supporting the “99ers”, those who have exhausted all their unemployment benefits and are still unable to find a job in this economy.  Our purpose is to serve as a showcase for the “non-sedentary” activities 99ers, other unemployed and our supporters are taking in support of our three main goals:

   1. Pass the Tier V unemployment extension immediately.
   2. Pressing President Obama to hold a Town Hall meeting with 99ers.
   3. Passage of a comprehensive jobs bill that will create the jobs we all want.

We will post pictures and videos of rallies, flashmobs, street theater, honk & waves, teach-ins, leafletings and any other activities which focus on our goals.  In particular, we seek videos of creative activities and 99ers speaking out for us.  We welcome submissions; please send your pictures and video the Administrator of this site.

As this site is new and we are all volunteers, please be patient as we develop it.  In the coming weeks, we hope to offer other options, such as information about other activities and how 99ers can participate.  Eventually, we hope this site will offer encouragement and guidelines for how 99ers can engage in similar activities in their own communities.

We are NOT a support group or forum for political discussion, a place to find job search help or resume advice.