Friday, October 22, 2010

From the front lines...

Here's an email from a jobs activist (and fellow member of the American 99ers Union) who's doing an awesome action:

We have been working on the XBOX Live get out the vote.  XBOX live attracks many age groups.  However, it seems many unemployed, college age kids and adults go on this as a form of entertainment.  It crosses state lines and depending on your settings can cross country lines as well.  We have been using this as a way to communicate the 99er plight and have had great success with this movement.
By creating a Clan tag of VOTE-opens up conversations online with others about who they will vote for and why.
By having that conversation I do not have to tell them who to vote for just to tell them as a 99er what I have experienced and learned about the government and what the Republicans have done to obstruct things that would help the 98% of the country. 
It educated people on who and what the 99ers are.  It give the opportunity to give them topics to google and make their own decision.  Not telling them who to vote for just telling them who I am voting for and it has changed many peoples minds.  It creates conversations for people who do not really watch the news or read news papers.
Suggestions......PLAYSTATION 3 would be a great place to do this activity.
I wouldnt suggest the WII as much since more young people underage voters tend to play on that system.
Rhonda Taylor-99er
The 99ers Need a tier 5 added to benefits.

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  1. Did we all watch 60 Minutes last night, if so they why in the world are our Government Offical so damn heartless and don't hear the cry of the American People. Have they lose their every lasting mind, who to said that we shouldn't be treated like human being, so what make them think that they can just treat us like they are doing, what is it going to take. Will the election made any different, I guess not. What in the world are we going to do, without means to support our family. I just can't believe as an American Citizen, we should be treated like this.