Monday, December 13, 2010

UPDATED BELOW 99ers: National Candlelight Vigil: Monday, Dec. 20


City Hall
Bring your own candle.  CNN, RTV, PRI to cover event.
R to City Hall,
4,5,6 to Bklyn Bridge/City Hall,
2,3 to Park Pl, 
A,C,E to Chambers, J,Z to Chambers

RSVP for your local event here.
Download National Flyer at this link

From Rhonda T:

Many people are suffering in America this Holiday Season, especially the 99ers.  It is time for all of us to come together and help the 99ers and each other.  It is also time for 99ers to step out and help ourselves.  Beyond politics, anger or blame, many Americans need to know they are not forgotten.  99ers, the unemployed, underemployed, small and family businesses, those working paycheck to paycheck: the middle class is being forced into poverty by our own government.  Please join in this peaceful moment at your City Hall next Monday, December 20, from 6 - 7 pm (local time), for a candlelight vigil for the suffering, the forgotten, the middle class, and for HOPE.  Bring your candle.  The politicians don't respect us, so let's take a moment to respect each other.

Please join with us. RSVP  today and connect with 99ers and supporters in your area.  For other questions, please email:

Thank you,
99er, Rhode Island


  1. NYC is a GO! Reserved the space & got OK from cops, so see everyone 6 p, City Hall. Bring your candle!


  2. Is there a group scheduled for City Hall in L.A.? If so, can you give me the contact info. Thanks.

  3. Here is the list of cities for the vigil, so far. I know there are many more coming in. To connect with 99ers in these areas, please RSVP. If your city isn't listed, and you are having a vigil, please RSVP soon to find other 99ers near you. I'll send an email out tomorrow by state.
    Link to RSVP (hyper-linked above, in post):

    IMPORTANT: If you sent your RSVP before 8 pm Fri, please email me @ and include your full name. I forgot to include an email box in the original form. Probably best not to do these things at the wee hours :). Thanks, Kian

    Providence RI
    NYC NY
    91040 Los Angeles CA
    80219 Denver CO
    80030 Denver/
    Westminster CO
    60415 Chicago Ridge IL
    41018 Elsmere KY
    42539 Liberty KY
    40272 Louisville KY
    27501 Angier NC
    14617 Rochester NY
    10304 Staten island NY
    11704 West Babylon NY
    19046 Rockledge
    (Philly burbs) PA
    2839 Burrillville RI
    98503 Lacey WA


    33403 Ft. Lauderdale FL
    30101 Acworth GA
    30019 Dacula GA
    2726 Somerset MA
    55412 Minneapolis MN
    8205 Galloway NJ
    14120 North Tonawanda NY
    19145 Phila PA
    77375 Houston TX
    29045 Columbia SC
    18042 Easton PA

  4. I am from Reading Pa and looking for anyone else to join me either here or in going to neighboring philly or easton area. is my contact.

  5. I am posting to a group in Lehigh Valley for the Easton event. Is it on?

  6. I am planing on going to the Easton event.

  7. Where are the 2 locations in Denver?

  8. @Anon/Denver: Hi, thanks for posting. When you posted, your time, I was already at our 6p event here in NYC, so not able to resp in a timely way that may have been helpful. Also, no other way to reach you, which is why we asked everyone to RSVP and we can hook them up with nearby 99ers. The zips are from the two ppl who sent in the RSVP. Many folks rec'd an email with 99ers in their area and it would have been great if you had RSVP'd also. Oh well, next time.

    There is a great activist 99er in Denver who I suggest you contact: Kelly W. writes for the examiner; I find her work extremely informative:
    Denver Unemployment Examiner

    Please tell her you "know" Kian. Happy Holidays & get ready; we are just getting warmed up!

  9. @Easton: Were you able to get together? I sent out what I had for PA & So Jersey together. Only 1 from Easton sent in the RSVP and they were a maybe. No contact info for anyone else. Pls let us know; email any pics/vids to and we'll get them up. Thanks, Kian