Monday, September 20, 2010

FAQ: DC Rally 10.2.10.



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  1. i never heard about this and any other protests except for the 4 who were arrested outside NY DOL office earlier in Nov. i don't think the "word" is getting out there and I spend hours on the i-net every day looking for news on unemployed esp. l/t as I havnt worked a day since December 2008 myself and am at the pt. where i really wonder if i should put an ad in the paper as a cleaning lady? tho I Hate to clean and my own apt. looks like somebody with a mental condition lives there according to mother. Ext. of UE benefits is one thing getting a job another ball o wax. It's been so long I dont even remember what I did at my last job anymore w/o looking at my own resume!
    We need financial Help and free gov't sponsored job training for jobs that exist now. I last used MS office 2003/05 and we're on what? '10 now? i took a class in Powerpoint 2 years ago and dont recall a thing. Hopefully you activists arent wasting your time and energy and will get thru some really thick skulls but I am not optimistic.