Friday, September 17, 2010

Orlando Jobs with Justice "Die-in"

Another group of creative folks getting active!
As part of its “Declaration of a Jobs Emergency,” Central Florida Jobs with Justice pulled the old death-in trick right outside the fountain-fronted downtown offices of U.S. Senator Pepe le Pew (er, George LeMieux, R-Orlando).
Way to go, people! Let's keep this issue in the public eye!

1 comment:

  1. WELL DONE & WONDERFUL!!!I hope these FlashMobs go VIRAL all over AMERICA. To Central FL group-please get on Sen.Bill Nelson's case too about 99ers & Jobs bill. He's a partner at law firm Greenberg & Traurig. I lost my job in Orlando-& have since become a 99er who moved to NYC. Sen.Bill Nelson replies to me that he can't sign bill w/o knowing where the money will come from to extend Tier V. DID HE THINK THAT WHEN HE VOTED TO CONTINUE SPENDING ON WAR IN AFGANISTAN? TELL SEN.BILL NELSON & CONGRESS-AMERICANS FIRST! STOP NATION BUILDING & REBUILD AMERICA! Contact Rep.ALan Grayson too!