Friday, September 17, 2010

Unemployed Workers Action Group (UWAG) initiate a seriously entertaining flash mob near Wall Street

From the NY Public Policy Examiner:
Yesterday, the Unemployed Workers Action Group (UWAG) successfully initiated a flash mob behind the famous bull of Wall Street near Bowling Green Park.
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Many thanks to Edward Nelson for writing this excellent article. He wraps it up with a stirring warning:
As Congress comes back into session this week, many will be facing election this November 2, 2010. Confronted with mounting pressure from 99ers and their supporters across the nation, it would not be wise to count the 99ers out.
 and a reminder of just what is at stake:
Those who have benefited from the H.R. 4213 unemployment extension will have exhausted their benefits in November of 2010. In which, they will be the new 99ers relying upon groups like UWAG to assist them in obtaining an extension of unemployment benefits for people that have reached ninety-nine weeks. United States Senator Debbie Stabenow’s bill, “Americans Want to Work Act” (S. 3706) will be the primary focus of the unemployed and those who support them.
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