Monday, September 20, 2010

Free/subsidized buses for the long-term unemployed!

All long-term unemployed who want to go to the 10.2.10 March on Washington DC


Hope you can come along with us!


  1. I've been trying to have contact with someone to sign up for the bus for the rally.I've emailed several times.I've called the number I saw on "One Nation" to get some kind of confirmation before the deadline and I still haven't heard from anyone.I know the deadline is today.I'm trying to reserve seats for 3 unemployed with 1 being a 99er and the other 2 ending their bene's in a few weeks.I'd need info for the Cape Cod (Hyannis) Ma. bus.Can you lead me in the direction I need to go to get reservations and pay the fee before its too late.Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you can give. Please email me at'll check my email through out the day...

  2. I also signed up and have not heard anything as of yet!! Please..if you do not respond...what the there anyone that is backing up what they say?...please get back to have my info..apparently if I can post here...thankyou..please guide people ..or why even say you can do it...

  3. Hi: I'm Kian, one of the admins and the organizer for the 99ers who are signing up here for the March.

    I checked, and you are both, indeed, signed up, so I will get you on a bus, preferably free. I should have all the info to you in a few days.

    I respect your frustration and I know there is a lot of confusing info out there. For example, while we here at flashmobs4jobs are working very closely with the One Nation organizers on behalf of the 99ers who sign up with us, we have no control or connection to the general sign-up on their site. All the same "fruit salad" to someone who signed up & wants more info, I know, but maybe a little more info about the process will be helpful to you.

    EVERYONE is absolutely slammed right now. The deadline for ordering buses is tomorrow, and we are all swamped with last minute requests. I have been working all week to place the 99ers signed up here that live outside NY State on free/low cost buses. Since I'm working west to east, I haven't gotten to Hyannis, MA or Philly yet. There are buses, the hold up is cost.

    Please be patient and respectful! The two of us working on this are both unemployed volunteers. Our only goal is to make sure that every 99er that wants to come can. Anyone can go on the One Nation site and find a ride; I am tracking down union folks and negotiating a free/cheap price for 99ers, if I can. In addition, finding a ride, even if you can pay, may get you there - individual you - but 99ers need to be together AS A GROUP. Because I'm the only one with these union connections, it is a one person job, unfortunately.

    We are doing this for several reasons:

    1. It is extremely important that 99ers and our supporters join together IN ONE LOCATION at the March and show our numbers. We have an opportunity to get great publicity for our cause. I looked around over the past few weeks and I did not see any 99er - only group organizing 99ers in one place, as a group. That's when UWAG decided to take on this responsibility. We really lose a great opportunity if we are all not grouped together. This MUST be organized beforehand. Saying "let's meet up at the fountain, or on a street corner" is near impossible in a crowd of a million people. I've been doing this stuff for 20+ years, so I know; believe me, I KNOW!

    2. Since I got the March Steering Cmte, Working America and the AFL-CIO to adopt S3706 as part of the demands for both the March and the AFL legislative agenda, a strong showing is is vital if we are to get the muscle we need from this endorsement.

    3. Momentum is really beginning to pick up - not enough yet, and not fast enough, ever, but we are getting there. The folks coming to the March are the ground troops, the "muscle". Helping them to understand our plight, having them SEE us, is almost like putting money in the bank. These folks are our natural allies; they will support us on the ground IF they see and speak to 99ers.

    So, while I respect your frustration, please be patient. You WILL have all your info in the next few days. Believe me, I am working many, many hours a day to accommodate every 99er I can. It may sound easy to think "Sure, but you can't even send me an email?". Fair enough, but please understand that I'm getting close to 150 emails a day. No complaints, because I would much rather have 99ers clamoring to get to the March than not, but with no office or funds for fancy software, it does make it difficult to respond to everyone in the manner I would prefer and that you are right to expect. Thanks for understanding.

    I'll send each of you an email over the weekend. Please feel free to post here or on the flashmobs4jobs facebook page if you have additional concerns.

    Thanks again, Kian

  4. Thankyou for your was much appreciated and no disrespect meant,just frustration. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. I am in Philadelphia and will gladly pay toward a bus. Please let me know any progress or if there is any way at all I can assist.

  5. Thanks Anna. No problem at all; I never thought you meant any offense, so no worries. OMG, you should hear me when I get frustrated! Good thing we have to write these posts; God forbid they ever come up with some kind of voice recording forum posting technology!

    Just wanted folks to know we are all just broke, unemployed volunteers doing our best:)!
    If I say i will get you on a bus, I will, no matter what.

    Can you get to NYC? This is really the easiest option, all round. If you can get here, you are guaranteed a free bus. Same goes for anyone else out there - definite free bus from NYC.

    It MAY be possible to find a 99er to host you the night before; on the way back we can ask the driver to go through Philly.

    Let me know. Thanks, Kian

  6. Same here on cape cod.I didn't mean any disrespect to anyone but, I finally made reservations and got an email this morning that the bus I reserved is now cancelled.I"m very disappointed that I am finally trying to get involved with something I believe in and its just not working out..That is awesome you volunteer to help out for these functions...Much more than I could swing right now..If anyone is able to get back to me, great....if not, I totally understand and I'll be thinking of you at the rally...Good luck my friends....from one 99er to another....I think we understand each other .....sorry if I offended anyone..It really wasn't meant that way...Take care..

  7. Absolutely no offense taken, please! As I said, I completely understand your frustration. Which bus was cxl, the one from Hyannis? Pls let me know so I can follow up.

    AS I said to Anna, if you can get yourself to NYC, guaranteed free bus; possible free place to stay the night before. Is this possible for you? Or, what about Boston? Let me know the nearest 2 cities to you. I've been phone-tagging with the One Nat. organizer in MA; eventually we'll speak and I'll try for the next best. I also went to Grad School at UMass/Amherst and still have lots of union connections there. Let me know what is best for you.

    I am not about to give up getting you to the rally, so don't you dare, either!

    Thanks, Kian

  8. Hoping that you will do ANOTHER one of these.