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A message to all 99ers going to DC for 10.2.10

From (some of) our fearless leaders:
Greetings: Below is the 10/2 March info for those not coming from the NYC area.  I have done my best to confirm and recheck all the details, so this should be the final. Thanks for pushing this out there; various issues have delayed things, but hopefully we can still get it to most 99ers.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. 
Thanks, Kian


99ers UNITE!  We are going to have a great day, and we hope all 99ers and their supporters who are coming to the March on Saturday will make every effort to find the 99er group.  The NY/NJ Chapter of UWAG/flashmobs4jobs has been working for weeks to organize a great event and facilitate spreading the word about 99ers and S3706.  Below is detailed information we hope you will find useful.  

URGENT PLEA: We have a few people going down the night before as the Advance Team.  We will need help at the park in the morning, however, beginning at 9 am.  If you are in DC on Friday, or live in DC, and can help us set up, please email or post on the flashmobs4jobs facebook page: .   
We are all just volunteers, so please, help us if you can.  Thank you.

See you Saturday!

Kian Frederick
Sam Talbot

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Help us Help you find the 99ers:  We invite you to join the 50+ 99rs coming from the NY/NJ area at the rally.  UWAG/flashmobs4jobs is organizing the 99ers coming to the march to be together in one group. Because we will be in a crowd, in a park, there will be no way to know exactly where we will end up until the Advance Team arrives early Saturday morning.  We will send you a txt message with details about how to find us no later than 10 am.  This is the only txt you will receive.  We MUST HAVE your cell #, and we MUST know if you can receive txts. . If you don’t have a cell phone, or can’t receive txts, no problem, we still need your number or know you don’t have a cell phone, so we can try to buddy you up with someone who does.   

In order to receive this text, you must sign up at:
NO Later than tomorrow, Friday, 10/1, by 6 pm, or we will not be able to guarantee that you will receive the text. 

A brief FAQ:

If you signed up at the One Nation site, they do not distinguish between who is/is not a 99er. One Nation does not share their lists with anyone.  If you did not originally sign up at:  , UWAG/flashmobs4jobs, the people organizing the 99rs, DO NOT KNOW you are coming to the march and have no way to contact you.  UWAG/flashmobs4jobs is organizing the 99ers, specifically, to join together in one large group.  Just like other groups and unions, we need our own list to communicate in an efficient manner if we wish to find each other and maximize our impact and build support for S3706.

1.      I am already on a bus coming from outside NYC, why do I have to sign up at flashmobs?  If you want to receive the text with instructions where the 99ers are, yes, you must sign up at:

2.      I am driving on my own, do I have to sign up?   If you want to receive the text with instructions where the 99ersd are, yes, you must sign up at:

3.      Why are you asking for my name, and other information, and not just my cell #?  There may be 99rs who do not have a cell phone or can’t receive texts, but are coming from the same city or area.  Because all 99ers did not originally sign up on our 99er-specific site, we now have to hope we can buddy up a cell+ text with a non-cell/non -text to be sure everyone can find the 99ers.  UWAG/flashmobs4jobs and One Nation do not share lists.   UWAG/flashmobs4jobs has no knowledge of any 99r who signed up directly on the on the One Nation site; obviously we have been unable to communicate with you if you did not sign up with us.

4.      Will my information be sold; how many texts will I receive:  NO, UWAG/flashmobs4jobs never sells information for any purpose; we are a strictly ad-hoc, volunteer organization and collect no funds.  All personal information is kept confidential and used solely for the stated purpose.  We will only send one text.

5.      Why does it ask if I need a ride; can I still get  bus? No guarantees, but we are willing to try, even at this late stage.  We encourage you to continue to look elsewhere, and we will notify you ASAP if we find anything.

Everyone should read the One Nation FAQ:  

If you are driving:  Unfortunately, we have no helpful information on parking; please see the One Nation FAQ link, above.

If taking a Bus:  Buses will park at RFK Stadium, about 5 miles from the site.  You will need a Metro card; please ask your Bus Captain about this or you can purchase a RT card at RFK stadium for $3.70.  From RFK Stadium, take the Metro to the “Foggy-Bottom-GWU” stop, Orange or Blue lines.  From there, walk south on 23rd St NW towards Constitution Ave.  The Lincoln Memorial is across Constitution Avenue.  It’s about a ¾ mile walk.  If you are disabled, carry bus service will be available for you at the Foggy Bottom station.
Google maps search: Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC:

How to find the 99ers:  The UWAG/Flashmobs4jobs  Advance Team is going down the night before and will arrive at the location when it opens at 6am.  We will have red and blue balloons with the“99er American Dream logo” in white printed on them, and a banner and signs with the regular logo (if you are not familiar with the logo, please go to; we use it as our logo there).   We have no inside info re: the set up, but usually there is the stage at the Lincoln Memorial, the press set up and behind the press, the Jumbotrons and space for more people.  Obviously, we want to be in between the stage and the press.  Here is a diagram I hope you find helpful, but please refer to the map, link above, for more detail.

Find a Marshall: Once you arrive at the 99er group, please check-in with a Marshall to sign up and receive materials.  Marshalls will all have armbands that say “Marshall” and have the logo.  The materials are small flyers and other information to give other rally attendees if the ask: “What’s a 99er?”.  The people attending this rally are Labor Union folks, Civil Rights groups, and others; they are our natural allies and will support us if we give them information and tell them about ourselves.

Poor Peoples Jam:  Rally  is scheduled to go from 12 noon to 4 pm.  Thanks to our own, wonderful Di, we will have musicians there early, calling attention to the 99er cause and supporting us with their talent.  More details on that later, but it will be a great event.

What should I wear, bring: Wear comfortable clothing, bring a jacket or sweater.  Sun screen, hats, and umbrellas are encouraged.  Also, if you have or can borrow, a folding chair, you should bring it along, or a blanket or beach towel to sit on.  Think picnic.    Event will go forward, rain or shine.  One note about being out there in the rain:  we get double “points”, in that the politicians and press are doubly impressed with how committed we are if we are out there in bad weather; please think about that if the weather turns.

What about t-shirts:  Only bad news so far: I couldn’t get the funding in time; next time we’ll have them, I’m sure (bad time to hit up big unions, when they are laying out tons of $$ for buses, etc).  There has been much discussion re: what color should we all be wearing to look the same; please wear a red, white, or blue t-shirt.  We have large stickers of our logo (8x11), to put on our backs, and those colors will match the balloons..  Our goal is to have a strong, identifiable 99er specific presence so we can focus attention on the urgency of S3706. We hope all 99ers and our supporters will wear a “99er” sticker. 

Will there be food/drinks/bathrooms?  Food will be available for purchase from vendors, or bring your own.  There will be portable bathrooms.  Coolers are welcome, so long as you don’t have any glass or alcoholic beverages.  Because of the walk from the Foggy Bottom Metro station, you may prefer to use a cooler with wheels J

Hope this covers most of the info.  If you have questions, please send them to : or post them on the flasmobs4jobs facebook page,  and Sam or I will respond.

 Thank you all, Kian Frederick.

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