Saturday, November 13, 2010

99ers Arrested in Civil Disobedience

NYC- activist video from the rally:

Statement from one of the activists (to be added)


  1. Please remember: there are ALREADY an estimated 4-5 million Americans who exhausted the maximum 99 weeks of U.I. benefits - some, like myself and more than 20,000 others in Colorado, as long as 8 months ago (the max in CO is 93, not 99 weeks).
    It appears that the 99ers are not included in many efforts to extend UI by groups such as NELP, 9to5, AFL-CIO & others. This is apparently due to the lack of concern/unwillingness on the part of Congress to help those who already exhausted benefits and the political leaders don't have enough votes to pass a measure which inlcudes the 99ers.
    The 99ers are not giving up. Not by a long shot.
    Please help pass this information to others - Colorado Senators will answer questions regarding UI extensions on Tuesday Nov 16. Call (877) 662-2889 to speak with Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall. I am looking to find out about events in other states/areas and will provide more information as it becomes available... Thanks, Kelly'

  2. you all did a great job!! thank you for standing up and fighting for the unemployed.

  3. These WA fat cats return tomorrow lets see what they do.

  4. I appreciate and applaud the people who went to stand up for 99ers and for all the long term unemployed. If I lived in NY I would have participated myself but I live in California (L.A.). I have been unemployed since June 2008. I used up a year of my UI going to school for Medical Record Coding paid for by the Workers Investment Act (WIA) a government program through the California WorkSource at the Employment Office. Completed training, no job & a 99er (last check June 2010)

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  6. Sandi We dont like scams were already hurt enough and you want to steal more of our money.... shame on you!!!!!!