Monday, November 22, 2010

Ucubed Letter

A new letter dropped into my inbox from Ucubed. We share it here for informational purposes, not as an endorsement of the contents.

Passionate, Persuasive and Powerful

Dear UCubed Leaders and Jobs Activists:

Tensions are rising. On the UCubed Facebook page, the anger and desperation of America’s jobless is clearly evident.

Last week, nearly six hundred jobs activists commented on UCubed Facebook updates. Some comments were white hot. Some sought clarity. Some asked for help. And some “liked” it enough to let their friends know.

Unfortunately, one update turned into a circular firing squad. The unemployed and the 99ers began taking potshots at each other. It wasn’t pretty. In fact, it got downright ugly. And we had to delete the ad hominem attacks.
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I end each of these emails with “In Unity – Strength.” Well, the reverse is also true. There is weakness in disunity. And our foes will exploit every weakness.

Instead of fighting amongst ourselves, let’s direct our most passionate postings to those elected to represent us. Let’s be so damned persuasive – describing in detail what it means to be jobless today – that even the most dim-witted and tone-deaf politician will “get it.” And let us use our Facebook updates to build a powerful case for jobs, extended unemployment benefits, a new Tier V and more access to food stamps.

Most elected officials have their own Facebook pages. So befriend them by “liking” their page. When you see a UCubed status update that makes your blood boil or your heart break, post it to their Facebook page. Use the link and include a comment like “Hey Senator, you’ve got to see this. Check out post #102.”

Even if the politicians are not reading every post, their staff are.

These are the darkest days of the year. They are also the darkest nights for America’s jobless, emotionally, financially and politically.

By sharing our stories … by sharing our pain … by helping each other   … and by liking each other’s posts, we can work together to end this national nightmare.

In Unity – Strength,


Rick Sloan
Acting Executive Director
Ur Union of Unemployed

We welcome and appreciate the forwarding of this email.

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  1. Why would the unemployed be fighting amongst themselves is beyond me.We are all in this together,I will be a 99er in two weeks.Don't know where I will go from here.We have to stick together on unemployment extensions and Tier 5.Like Lincoln said "A house divided against itself cannot stand."It's up to all of us.