Saturday, November 20, 2010

Solitary Fracture on 99er Civil Disobedience

WARNING- if you don't like swearing, don't watch! :o


  1. Why the hell is he here? He does not live in NYC...he has a lot of nerve...this is old news...SF is exploiting the Flashmob....and Flashmob is going along with this? What is happening Kian? Please advise.

  2. Hi Ellen:

    We welcome Solitary Fracture's support, and his message is exactly right - we have to get out there and speak directly to the American people. Granted, I wouldn't put it quite the way he does :), but both my kids and the "younger" generation in our group like him. I understand he has a big following. Besides, he gave a nice shout out to one of our biggest supporters, Edward Nelson, of ( We don't feel used, though I appreciate you looking out for us! Hope to see you on 11/30 at the Rock Cntr Tree Lighting rally. Watch for details here. Thanks, Ellen,

  3. trk387 - @Kian am I allowed around here? lol born and raised in NY baby! & a FIGHTER for the 99er's and unemployed. :)

    peace t.

  4. @trk387: Cuz you are from NY, you know the answer: Anyone who's got the u kno what's is more than welcome, anytime. (just pls remember we are a family show):)

    Check out the new action: Candlelight Vigil for 99ers at City Halls Nationwide, next Mon, Dec 20, 6-7 p, local time: