Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Contact Congress and tell them: GET BACK TO WORK!

Dear Concerned Citizen,

Congress has delayed acting on behalf of the unemployed for far too long. 3-5 Million people have been CUT OFF THEIR UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS EVEN THOUGH THEY CONTINUE TO LOOK FOR WORK.

Now, Congress PLANS ON TAKING A VACATION! They will not resume sessions until November 15, then they will meet for ONE WEEK- THEN GO BACK ON VACATION!

Remember- for the next week your Representatives and Senators will not be in Washington! Go to the website of the individual lawmaker to find contact information for their offices in your home state! If you want a pdf to fax, find our flyer here.

U.S. Voters have demanded that their law-makers be more accountable- now IT'S UP TO US 
to hold them to their

We CAN make a difference!

For more information please contact or Call Kian at (917) 216-0693 .

Thank you for your valuable time,

Sam Talbot
Unemployed Workers Action Group NY/NJ

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