Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Live near NYC? On 11/12 Tell Congress: Do Your Job!

Ok ok- it was raining cats and dogs last week! So we called 11/4 a trial run!


11-12 Flyer Final

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  1. Please HELP me & my family. I live in Queens, N.Y. & is proud to say that
    I worked 30 straight years in a row until 2008 when the economy went
    south. I look very hard for work each day & still cannot even find a
    temporary job. Please make sure the Tier 5 extension of unemployment
    insurance is approved of because without it my family will be homeless in
    a very short time. We won't be able to put food on the table or pay the
    rent if this is not approved of. I went through my pension & 401K plan
    over the past 2 years just to keep a roof over our head. There is nothing
    left now. Unfortunately there are many people like me who worked in the
    Banking Industry & have lost there jobs. The economy seems to be getting
    worse. I represent millions of 99er's who will have nothing if this isn't
    passed. We will go homeless thanks to nothing we did. Dying in the streets
    is a horrible death to endure. Why are we forgotten ? Please present my
    letter to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi & everyone in the Senate & House
    before the Lame Duck Session ends this year. Thank you for your time &
    consideration !

    Maureen O.
    Flushing , NY