Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Join Us Nov 30 @ Rockefeller Center

Keep the Lights On for the Unemployed
Demonstration at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting
5:00 pm November 30th at 5th Avenue below 50th St
Trains: B,D,F to Rockefeller Center, E to 5th Ave, Grand Central Station
Join us in Upholding the True Spirit of the Holidays!
This holiday season is going to be a wretched one for millions of Americans who can’t find work. There are an estimated 17 million unemployed, about 8 million of whom are collecting Unemployment Insurance (UI), and 5 million “99ers” – workers without UI benefits because they have already collected all the weeks available in their state – 99 weeks is the most any state provides. Each UI check means a family who can keep the lights on this holiday season, and maybe enjoy a simple celebration. But come November 30th, the number of 99ers will begin to rise dramatically – if Congress does nothing, 2 million more households will see their benefits cut off by the end of the year.
This means 7 million workers – who lost their jobs through no fault of their own – will be left with no income or solid job prospects.
We live in a rich country - where billionaires clink champagne glasses to toast their profits – and yet millions of jobless workers do not know if they will be able to afford a Holiday meal. With this demonstration, we are not trying to dampen the joy of the Christmas Tree lighting for the families who still have a little cheer to share with their children. We hope to act as a reminder that the true spirit of the Holiday is to remember the least among us.
Flyer for the event:


  1. Most of us have been cheated out of our benefits, and I have discovered how. I was cheated out of unemployment benefits when I was denied due process, by the Unemployment Insurance (UI) decision makers, in the year 2008. Later that year, I became a whistleblower (to the courts) and revealed that I was denied UI Benefits based upon an abuse of discretions, when UI decision makers ignored my evidence of a 18 USCA 245(b)(5) crime committed against myself in employment. On 4/19/2009, I was constructively discharged from employment (again), and this time I had evidence of this same 18 USCA 245(b)(5) criminal conduct that deprived myself of employment (again); and, this time I was granted UI benefits. Since I maintained a part-time job, as a Domino's Pizza delivery driver, I was able to survive and extend my benefits over a longer period of time. Later, I again suffered another 18 USCA 245 crime that was intended to construct my discharge from said Domino's Pizza delivery job, and this time I did post and record said criminal activity on the UI online job-search website system, (as a barrier to employment), when the UI decision makers conduct an investigation of my eligibility for benefits. However, the UI decision makers suppressed this evidence, and rigged their online questionnaire to reject my NO answers, to the employers claim that I Quit employment, and they fabricated a YES answer; and then, the UI decision makers decided that I quit employment, and determined that I owed them $1845.00 in overpaid UI benefits. After my appeal was delayed for 4 weeks, the UI Judge determined that I was eligible for UI benefits, and deleted the $1845.00 overpayment (however, this UI Judge also suppressed evidence of the 18 USCA 245 crime committed against myself). Now, at this time, the UI system has retaliated against myself for the UI Appeal (protected activity), and they have completely disabled my account so that I can no longer request my weekly benefits, and they have NOT paid me for the past 6 weeks of UI benefits due. In addition, since I maintained both a 2008 UI benefits account, and a 2009 UI Benefits account, the 2008 account paid $207.00 and the 2009 account paid $238.00; however, the UI decision makers have advised me that they have consolidated both accounts together, at the Tier-Two stage, and that they will pay my Tier-Three benefits at the $207.00 weekly rate. I did question the lower rate of pay, and I requested a copy of their written law authority (which they refused to supply) to deny myself the $238.00 weekly benefit, and because I suspected that I was being cheated, the UI decision makers have refused to obey the Judges-Order to pay UI benefits to myself, and have disabled my account. At this time I have been deprived of my UI benefits for over 8 weeks, and this UI malevolence is a crime of racketeering and extortion, committed under color of official right, by authority of 18 USCA 1951(b)(2), and they are also retaliating against me for my protected activity to file and win my appeal against their fabrication and manufacture of false evidence against me.

  2. Was this on NBC (NY)at all?
    i turned the tv off after 1/2 hr. couldnt stomache all the rah rah holiday cheer
    no obvious sign of any recession going on there and we wonder why people give us 99rs strange looks
    I dunno how many people showed up but I have a sinking feeling nobody gave you the time of day or you chickened out
    there is nothing on the i-net so far other than on all news 24/7 website
    didnt you people contact the media?
    maybe nobody showed...

  3. Hi:

    The rally was great; we'll be posting an activist vid and other press coverage soon. Yes, "you people" (us), contacted the media. "Chicken out"? That's not us at Flashmob4jobs, my friend! However, if you're not happy with our efforts, please don't hesitate to get out there and show us how it's done :). Thanks for your post.